Safe At Home with Scott Dawson is a unique post game speaking and concert event. Safe At Home networks the local Church community on an individual level allowing them to use your game as an outreach event / tool for their congregation.

With a proven track record, Safe At Home creates excitement and participation from the surrounding church community, increasing popularity and generating revenues for both Minor League and Major League Baseball teams.

You Will:

  • Make a one day sellout available “FREE” to your community without devaluing your ticket price
  • Provide a high quality post game program available to your patrons at no charge to them
  • Experience increased concessions sales
  • Make and develop new faithful fans who demonstrate team loyalty that is unsurpassed.
  • Develop new follow up relationships and leads for future sales
  • Receive a 50k to 100k post game event at a low cost to you depending upon how we partner.
  • Receive “FREE” advertising in local media.

Safe At Home can make this happen for you by:

  • Establishing relationships we make and develop through your community.
  • Uniting your local church community in a fun and rewarding way.
  • Capitalizing on existing networks and referrals to fill your stadium.
  • Involving the church community in a unified fashion so that they will see personal benefit from this event.
  • Raising the funds from the community to assist in the cost of the post game event, allowing you to produce a huge event with little investment.

Email Bryan Taunton, Director of Safe At Home to discuss the possibilities of your team hosting an upcoming Safe At Home Community Event.

For more information, email Bryan Taunton: [email protected]